Deluxe Spray Tanning Gun

Deluxe Spray Tanning Gun

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Deluxe Spray Tanning Gun

This spray tanning gun is designed to fit the Black Magic Tan 700 HLVP spray tanning system and the Illume Xcel.

•    The Deluxe Spray Gun offers reliable, simplified spray tanning at an amazing price.

•    Our best performing spray gun for more than 6 years within this price point, every part is replaceable.

•    With a 0.8 mm stainless steel needle; trigger and gun face for an extra fine spray our Deluxe Gun delivers a beautiful mist onto the skin.

•    Stainless steel needle is able to be removed to enable removal of tanning particle build up.

•    300ml pot features a stable base to avoid any spills

•    Featuring a fully adjustable and stable, stainless steel nut that ensures you have consistent, reliable control over the flow of solution.

•    Removable parts and a stainless spray needle allows easy cleaning and removal of tanning particle build up when required.

•    Warranty: 12 Months - Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

NB: A large majority of spray guns within this price range are completely sealed units wand do not have replaceable parts. These units are unable to be repaired and must be replaced.

Please be aware of Chinese Imitations that look very similar however it does not have HVLP written on the gun handl

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